I started a walking group recently to get the people in my apartment complex interested in working out and living healthier lifestyles. An invitation went out to everyone with the monthly newsletter. I was excited to get started and meet new people. The first day came, but no one from the apartment did. Thankfully, I had a friend show up who lives nearby or I might have been tempted to give up. That was Monday. Tuesday, everyone decided to stay home again. This morning I was alone…again…and it was cold (30 something degrees) and foggy, but I walked anyway. I enjoy taking the same route in different kinds of weather because it gives me a new perspective on the world I see everyday. This is how it looked this morning.

When I got home I uploaded my bodybugg stats and found that I burned 550 calories in 50 minutes. Not as high as doing TurboFire, but still worth the time and effort. Getting outside in the fresh air, brisk as it was, put me in a great mood and was a fantastic warm-up for ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 2. I’m glad I decided to start a “group” of one and sometimes two. My neighbors don’t know what they’re missing. Maybe one of these days they’ll figure it out. We live in one of the best places to get outside and walk, run or bike so I’m going to keep inviting them until they join in on the fun.