Pretty typical day…nothing special. Took advantage of Subway’s $5 for any kind of footlong deal since we were out doing the basketball practice thing when it was time for dinner.

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology with 8oz water, 4oz milk, a little vanilla extract and a couple drops of coconut extract

AM Snack – P90X Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar

Lunch – 3oz Barilla Plus angel hair pasta, 3/4c Prego Heart Smart Traditional sauce (just remembered I was going to have some cucumber and Italian dressing, too, but I completely forgot)

PM Snack – forgot to have one because we ran out the door to basketball, but we ate dinner earlier than usual

Dinner – footlong Subway Gardenburger sub on whole wheat with all the veggies except cucumber (love cucumbers, just not on subs) and American cheese, light mayo and spicy mustard

Late Snack – 1/2 of the Gardenburger my son pulled of his sub because it had red peppers in it (good grief), 6oz Yoplait Light Peach Harvest, 10 Fresh Gourmet Roasted Garlic Focaccia croutons

Total Calories – 1919, Protein – 96 grams, Carbs – 286 grams, Fat – 46 grams, Fiber – 35 grams

Protein 20%, Carbs 58%, Fat 22%

Total calories burned – 3455, 1546 deficit