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It’s Valentine’s Day…normally a day for eating tons of chocolates and other treats…Day 2 of my journal. That’s not the plan this time. I’m not going to use a “holiday” to rationalize filling up on food that has no lasting benefit. I’m still going to have chocolate…just a version that’s good for me. That way I can get my fix without the guilt. : )

Breakfast – Chocolate Covered Cherry Shakeology – yummmmmm

AM Snack – P90X Cafe Mocha Protein Bar – See? Getting lots of chocolate today.

Lunch – Large tortilla, black bean burger, 2 Tbs salsa, 2 Tbs light sour cream, 2 cups Romaine

PM Snack – 1/2 bag Smart Pop popcorn, mandarin orange

Post Workout – 1 scoop Results and Recovery Drink

Dinner – 3 slices Little Ceaser’s cheese pizza, 6 cups romaine, 2 Tbs Wishbone Italian dressing

My husband bought me Ghirardelli Filled Hearts and I thought I would eat one or two, but it didn’t happen. I did enjoy a cup of Apple Cinnamon Chamomile tea with Truvia, though. : ) The pizza wasn’t exactly the healthiest choice, but at least I stayed within my calorie budget for the day.

Total Calories – 1994, Protein – 112 grams, Carbs – 264 grams, Fat – 64 grams, Fiber – 28 grams

Protein 22%, Carbs 50%, Fat 28%

  • Sumo Squat with Hip Lift – 20 lbs/12 reps
  • Lunge with Posterior Fly – 15 lbs/10 reps
  • Push-Up with Leg Lift – 8 on knees
  • Dead Lift with Posterior Fly – 10 lbs/12 reps
  • Lunge with Core Rotation – 25 lbs/12 reps
  • Bench Press and Leg Lower – 20 lbs/12 reps (7 legs)
  • Squat with Side Bend – 20 lbs/12 reps + 3
  • Forward Lean Lunge DBL Post Fly – 10 lbs/12 reps + 3
  • Chest Fly with Hip Lift – 15 lbs/12 reps + 3

Definitely an improvement over last week! Did this with my son who’s 11. He rocked it even though he’s not as strong as I am…yet. Now we’re both enjoying our Results and Recovery Drink. : )