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I just had to share my awesome experience this afternoon. A few minutes after finishing Burn Circuit 3, the boys and I headed out to the elementary school so they could shoot some hoops. I decided to walk around the track for a while just to burn a few more calories. As I approached the track I could see a large, muscular man and an athletic looking young woman in the field the track encloses. They had a “sled” with big weights stacked on top and they were taking turns pulling it down the field and back. The man had a big stack, five weights. The woman was pulling three. As I got closer we exchanged pleasantries and I headed off around the track. The whole way around I was thinking how much I would love to see if I could pull that thing down the field. As I came around the last turn the man said, “Don’t laugh!” I smiled and replied, “Oh, I won’t. I just want to give it a try myself. ” Around the track I went. As I rounded the last turn a second time he offered to give me a turn. “I just worked out, but I think I still have something left.” It was on.

As I slipped my arms through the loops attached to the sled, he removed all the weights but one. Turns out they were 45 lbs. each. I told him I could do more, but he just smiled and said to try one first. I took off and after five steps knew I could run the entire field with just the one weight. I said, “This is way too easy. I need more weight.” He put one more on, clearly thinking it would be tough. Down the field I went pulling 90 lbs. Easy. Could’ve run that time, too, but didn’t want to show off.

They followed me down to the end where I finally stopped, clearly impressed. He asked what workout I was doing. “Ever heard of P90X?” I’m not actually doing that one right now, but I have and most people have heard of it. He rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Oh, ha ha. Yeah, I’ve heard of P90X. Let me tell you something about P90X. It will make you look good, but it doesn’t help you with functional strength.” I smiled.

My first thought was that perhaps he had never actually seen or done the P90X workouts. I explained that I’m actually doing ChaLEAN Extreme right now and a bit about how it works. He went on to tell me about a local fitness program where he’s one of the coaches and how great it is because they do intervals (hello…P90X, TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity, etc.) and they do some exercises with weights and some without, like squats (he demonstrates). I’m thinking, “Yeah, I know all about squats. I did about 100 just a few minutes ago. Some with weights, some without.” At that point I knew he had never seen or done P90X. I continued to smile as he tried to convince me to come workout at the place that’s, in his mind, so much better than silly old P90X.

After a few more minutes of chatting about working out and me explaining that I’m a coach with 6 programs at home to choose from and that I actually work from home as a coach, it was time for me to pull the sled back to the other end. Back where we started, they were again impressed by how easily I pulled it especially since I was wearing walking shoes with little traction and they had cleats. All I could say was, “Not bad for someone who could barely get off the couch a little over a year ago.” Again I smiled and continued walking around the track.

Each time I came around that last corner I looked over thinking that I could pull three if given the chance. He must’ve seen the look in my eye because he offered to let me try again with another weight. I think he forgot I already pulled two down and back because he was getting ready to take one off. I said, “You can leave all three on. I think I can do it. If anything, my feet will slip because of my shoes.”

Off I went, pulling 135 lbs. down the field, faster than the woman who was easily 10 years younger and 100 lbs. lighter. When I got to the end I turned around and asked if they wanted me to bring it back. He said, “Sure, take a few minutes to rest and see how far you can get.” Rest? Anyone who’s done TurboFire knows you don’t need rest unless you’ve pushed yourself to the max. I hadn’t. Back down the field I went, full speed ahead. The woman had really started to falter about halfway, even with her cleats, when she was pulling the same weight. I thanked them for letting me try as I handed the straps back. All they could say was, “That was awesome.” I smiled and continued walking around the track, knowing I could’ve pulled four. After a few more laps I went over to the boys. We played wall ball for a while and then shot some hoops. As the very nice man and woman were leaving I asked if he would be back because next time I wanted to try four. : )

Maybe there are people out there who think Beachbody programs are a joke because they’re sold on TV, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m so proud to represent a company that is the BEST at what they do…giving people the tools and support they need to accomplish amazing things right in their own living rooms and be the best they can be. Love it!

Ever find it excruciatingly difficult to get motivated to workout? Yeah, I’ve been there, too. Even after being really good for a long time and getting great results sometimes I just don’t want to do it and I’m finally figuring out why. I’m the type of person who always wants something new and different. Even though I LOVE TurboFire and P90X and both have tons of variety, sometimes I just want to do something either completely new or that I haven’t done in a long time.

I love going outside, but where I live the winter is very predictable…rain, rain, and more rain…or cold and overcast. Having the best fitness programs available in my living room is fantastic, but being a stay-at-home mom I start to feel claustrophic at times and just need to get out in the fresh air. So I’ve learned to mix it up. On the days when the weather is cooperating I head out for a walk/jog. Sometimes I feel so good after being outside I want to do more and pop in a DVD like P90X Shoulders & Arms or TurboFire CORE20.

The key to staying on track, even when you struggle to get motivated, is doing something FUN. Yes, exercise can be fun. For some people it may be taking a bike ride or hiking. For others it may be turning the music up and dancing. Some of us are old enough to remember when having fun as a kid meant some kind of physical activity instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. So think like a kid from a generation or two ago. Maybe we can even teach our own kids a thing or two about having fun. So please share…what activities do you enjoy that get your heart pumping and those feel-good endorphines flowing?