Ever had one of those days where you just totally blow it? That was yesterday for me. It started off ok. Well, I didn’t get my Shakeology made until after 10. Got distracted and finally realized I was getting a headache from low blood sugar. Once I had my shake I immediately started feeling better, but then my whole eating schedule was off. Made rice cake soup (it’s a Korean thing) for my family and was going to eat something different, but there ended up being a lot of soup (there’s no recipe, just dump in ingredients) so I decided to just have that. That was the beginning of the end. I find that when I eat processed foods, like the rice cakes in the soup, I don’t feel satisfied and end up wanting to eat more and more. I also didn’t drink enough water and thirst can be mistken for hunger.

So, I ate way too many calories, felt sluggish all day (except for the few hours between my Shakeoloy and the soup) and skipped my workout. Not good. At least now I can look back and see where the train started to derail so I can avoid another day like that. It’s all about learning from our mistakes and moving on. There’s no point in beating ourselves up and wasting time feeling sorry for ourselves. We all slip. The ones who are successful in the end are the ones who get back on track and don’t give up. We don’t fail unless we quit trying