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Recently, I asked a few teachers from my kids’ schools if they could have their students write letters or make something to send in care packages to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. It’s heartbreaking how many men and women over there don’t receive anything to remind them how much we appreciate their service. I was so happy to get 27 touching letters from one classroom and these cards from another.

As I continue to get more artwork from the classrooms I’ll post it before sending it over. I think I’ll experiment with our scanner for the next batch. They’re all wonderful and want to do them justice. 🙂

Quick post today. What? You thought I meant something else? 😉 That can burn a lot of calories, too. But, on to the real reason I’m posting. Today I got to walk with a friend who brought her dog along, too. It was cold, but bright and beautiful. Of course, I had to take a photo of “the tree”. No birds were there today, rude or otherwise. As with all most posts, scroll over the image for more info.

There were lots of people out walking, running, taking their dogs to the dog park. Here in the Northwest we have to take advantage of the sun whenever we get a chance, especially in winter.

I don’t have any deep philosophical thoughts to share today. Just happy to be alive and able to walk around outside taking in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoying good coversation with a friend. Now it’s time to get some care packages together to send over to soldiers in Afghanistan as a “thank you” for putting their lives at risk so we can do things like go for a walk whenever we want to or post whatever we want to say for the world to read. What will you choose to do with your freedom today?