Here we go! Week 2 weigh-in. I’m putting the “disclaimer” in again (and will every week) because it’s important. Seriously. Read it.

If you are trying to lose weight 2lbs a week is considered a healthy rate to shoot for. That means you have to burn 7000 calories more than you consume in that week or 1000 calories a day. What I am attempting is much more extreme than that…more along the lines of what you see on shows like Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition. Obviously it is possible for people who have a lot of weight to lose to go at a faster rate as long as it’s done properly. If you’re even considering doing something extreme (in other words, planning on losing more than 2 lbs a week) it is important that you see your doctor first and make sure you will be safe and healthy throughout the process. I have been posting my food intake as well as my workout schedule so you can how I’m doing it, but that doesn’t mean that you should do the exact same thing because there are many variables.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wasn’t expecting to lose as much as last week. That would just be ridiculous. Though I did pretty fantastic with my eating (other than a few times when I went too long without food), there were three days when I didn’t do the workouts I would’ve liked to. My average daily calorie burn for the week was 3,500. Good, but not enough to lose 6lbs. I was right on track to lose 4lbs and that’s exactly what I did. Still ahead of schedule with a total of 18.5lbs lost in the first two weeks. Not too shabby considering I’m not in a gym all day…or at all for that matter. Here are the photos from Week 1 and Week 2. I can tell a difference. If you can’t, well, that’s ok…it’s only been a week for cryin’ out loud. LOL Soon enough you’ll see big changes.

If you’re ready to make some changes for the better, I’d love to help you! Contact me on facebook or twitter and we’ll talk. 🙂