Yeah, so it’s been a while. Too long. One night while I was waiting for my husband to finish tutoring I decided to see what I could find to watch on Netflix. I remembered seeing a few episodes of Ugly Betty on TV and being entertained so I started at the very beginning with Episode 1. The next thing I knew I was hooked, completely obsessed actually and like Betty, got sidetracked from what was really important. Interestingly, she began to find her way back by writing a blog so the problem became the solution as I was inspired to get back to posting again. Now I’m done with all 85 episodes and ready to return to real life again. I do miss her and all the other great characters, though. It’s really too bad they cancelled the show because it’s pretty great.

Once I have some quiet time without the sound of gunfire from Call of Duty (I honestly don’t understand why the men in my life enjoy playing that so much) or everyone asking me questions I’ll start transferring my thoughts to the computer again and get some more pictures posted. The weather is unbelievable this week and more things are blooming so it’s time to take some new photos. Ok, now my husband is trying to read over my shoulder and bugging me so I’ll be back later, but not too much later. 😉