It’s been a while since I’ve posted a food journal entry, not because I’ve stopped eating but because it was truly driving me crazy. It had become something negative for me so I’ve found a way to turn it into something positive. Instead of going through every little detail of every bite I’m going to post the highlights. If it’s healthy and especially delicious I’ll try to take photos then post all of them once a week (or so). This is motivating me to find new and interesting things to make which is a good thing.

Of course, if I’m going to include healthy and delicious foods I can’t leave out my Shakeology which was recently featured in “O” Magazine. You can’t get it from Oprah, but you’ll find it in my online store on facebook. 

This was a great snack…peppers, carrots, radishes and a homemade avocado and yogurt dressing that was lowfat and delicious.

Black bean soup from Sam the Cooking Guy made in the slow cooker.

Salad with more of the avocado and yogurt dressing.

That gets me caught up to today. More later! 😀 If you’d like recipes for anything I post leave a comment.