This is Week 1b because I waited so long to get back on track with my workouts (about 2 weeks), I decided it would be best to start the Push Phase over again.  Push Circuit 1b went well considering how long it had been. Here are the stats for Push Circuit 2.

Standard Overhead Press – 15lbs/8 reps (same as the first time around)

Single-Leg Squat – 15lbs/8 reps (same)

Standing Reverse Fly – 12.5lbs/6 reps (same)

Standing Arnold Press – 15lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme (same)

Single-Leg Dead Lifts – 20lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme (same)

Bent-Over Lat Raise – 15lbs/6 reps + 3 extreme (fewer reps)

Frontal Shoulder Press – 15lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme (same)

Single-Leg Tap Lunges – 15lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme (same)

Lateral Delt Raise – 10lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme (same)