I stopped doing CHX a couple of weeks ago, not for any good reason…just because (I don’t recommend taking long breaks), so I decided to start the Push Circuit over again. I could visibly see a difference in, well, everything so I was concerned that I wouldn’t even be able to match what I had done the first time around. I used my chart as a guide and did the best I could. It was challenging, but felt great. If you’re trying to lose weight I can’t say enough about the importance of strength training…not just physically, but mentally, too.

Standard Bicep Curl – 20lbs/6 reps – same

Standard Squat – 25lbs/8 reps – same

Single-Arm Bent-Over Tricep Extension – 10lbs/8 reps – I went lighter because 15lbs was extremely challenging before

V-Press Biceps – 15lbs/6 reps + 3 extreme – same

Single-Leg Squat – 20lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme – same

Overhead Tricep Extension – 20lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme – lighter and it was challenging, but I think I could’ve done 25lbs/6 reps

Hammer Biceps – 15lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme – same

Heel Squat – 20lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme – same

Push-ups – 6 on knees + 3 extreme – same