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Me: Hey, other than stopping to eat for a few minutes you’ve been playing that game all day. We need to go outside, get some fresh air and get our blood moving. Ooo, I know! Let’s walk to Alton Baker Park! (I tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible without being cheesy hoping he would just go along with it.)

Him: I don’t wanna go for a walk. I just want to go out and play with my aerobie (it’s like a frisbee, but open in the middle).

Me: Well, the best place to do that is Alton Baker so let’s go. (Big smile on my face.)

Him: There’s no open space there.

Me: Um, yeah there is. You know, the big field right in the middle.

Him: Oh. Yeah. But there’s lots of bird poop there.

Me: Well there’s lots of dog poop here. I’d rather step in bird poop than dog poop.

Him: I want to take my scooter, but the pavement is too bumpy.

Me: I’m sure we can find a path that’s not too bumpy.

Him: I’d ride my bike, but it’s too heavy.

Me: I don’t think so. You’ve had that bike a couple of years and I’m pretty sure you’re big enough to handle it just fine now.

Other son: I can’t ride my bike because the tires are flat and we don’t have a pump.

Me: I know we have a pump somewhere.

Other son: I guess we could rollerblade.

Him: I don’t want to do anything that needs a helmet.

Me: That would be walking.

Him: I don’t wanna go walking. It’s too far.

Me: Ok, listen. We need to get outside while it’s nice.

Him: It’s going to be boring.

Me: It doesn’t have to be.

Him: I’ll just stay here and read.

Me: We need to get outside and move around.

Him: I’ll just stay here and do TurboFire.

Me: Come on. We’re going for a walk.

Him: Why?

Me: Because I said so.

Him: That doesn’t work with parents…only between older and younger brothers.

Me: Come on. Get ready to go.

Him: I don’t wanna go.

Me: This is not a negotiation. Let’s go.

Him: (huffing and puffing as he walked to his room) I’ll just stay here and read.

Me: Get over it. It’s just a walk. It’s not like I’m moving you Somalia or something. (I know, it doesn’t really make sense and was probably offensive to someone somewhere somehow.)

Him: Well then I’m going like this. (He was wearing only his camo pajama pants.)

Me: Fine. Let’s go.

Him: Ok, but this is all I’m wearing.

Me: Ok then.

Other son: You’re going to embarrass our whole family!

They walked out the door into the hallway while I put on my shoes, hoping he was just bluffing…trying to suck me into a bigger argument which might have resulted in me saying we’d just forget the whole thing. Moments later the door opened and he walked back in and took off his shoes.

Me: What are you doing?

Him: Changing.

Me: Ok. (Thank you God!)

We finally headed out for our walk to Alton Baker Park. As I stepped outside I noticed the sky had suddenly grown dark, the temperature had dropped and the wind was blowing like crazy. But at least we were walking…fully clothed.

The bright pink thing behind his back is the aerobie. Gotta love the togetherness.

I figured once we really got going those endorphins would kick in and we’d all walk happily along together. In the meantime, I started taking photos of things that caught my eye.

It wasn’t long before we reached Autzen Stadium and PK Park where a baseball game was going on.

Other son: It’s starting to rain.

Me: Just a little. If you want we can stop here and play in the parking lot for a while.

Him: I just want to go home. Besides, it’s too windy to play anyway.

By that time it was really starting to come down and the raindrops were freezing.

We headed back, getting soaked. I’m pretty sure he was glad he decided not to venture out in just pajama bottoms, although we would’ve all been better off with jackets. I think we both won this time. He didn’t have to go all the way to Alton Baker Park and I managed to get him outside for at least a short walk, but more importantly when our similarities rose up and threatened to cause a major clash between us we both managed to get through it with our dignity in tact. He’s a great kid, but every once in a while we butt heads because we both tend to be quite stubborn. Whenever he starts acting like he shouldn’t have to do something because he doesn’t want to, I instantly think about all the times my mom gave in just to avoid conflict when I acted the same way. Sometimes I’ve taken it too far, but I’m learning little by little to strike a balance. The good thing is we can all have a sense of humor about it. Later, after we were all dry and fed, he suggested we go out for a walk. Brat. (I mean that in the most loving way.)  😉

“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

There are so many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and be done with it all. I even attempted to commit suicide in high school. Not exactly something I’m proud of. If my friends hadn’t intervened I wouldn’t be here writing this today. Now it seems like a lifetime ago or even the life of someone else. At the time, I felt like I had put a lot of thought into the decision, but the reality is that it was extremely impulsive. It’s quite sobering to think how easily we can make a decision that will completely change the course of our lives…or end it.

I’ve always been great at starting things, but as I look back there are very few things I’ve stuck with all the way to completion. Even recently I decided to start a local weightloss challenge. Flyers went out to 240 families plus a few friends were invited. As the first meeting approached I had no idea how many would show up, but I was hoping for a lot. But just like the walking group, no one from the apartments showed up. Ok then. As much as I wanted to have a positive attitude I was seriously irritated and discouraged. Of course, there was still the group of friends who wanted to join, but couldn’t make it to the first meeting. I was so tempted to give up and forget the whole thing because it didn’t go as I had planned.

Just when I was about to tell everyone the challenge was cancelled, I had a conversation with a fellow coach that made me realize my motives were all wrong. Instead of thinking of the group as just a way to build my business I should’ve been focussing on the individuals who were excited to be getting help with losing weight and living healthier lifestyles which is really what this is all about. I have no doubt that the time spent working with the group will not only be good for them, but for me, too. I had forgotten that everything happens for a reason and almost ruined it for them and me. Now I’m excited to get back on track with the challenge even if it’s not exactly as I originally planned. 

It’s been said that it’s always darkest before the dawn and so often we give up right before we receive the amazing things that were meant for us. The hard part is hanging in there when, from our limited perspective, it seems the perfect time to quit. If we know we’re trying to accomplish something that will improve the lives of others or ourselves we have to keep going, to be relentless. We may get tired and the temptation to quit will be there, but we have to keep going one step at a time even if all we can see is that one step in front of us. The more we exercise our faith the stronger it will get. That doesn’t mean that life will get easier and the temptation to quit will go away, but we will find ourselves able to take on bigger and better things.

People who have accomplished great things didn’t suddenly wake up one day able to do them just like a person who can lift heavy weights wasn’t able to do it the first time they tried. It’s a process of overcoming increasing challenges. A person who starts off only able to lift 5lbs has the potential to lift 50lbs, but they’ll never be able to do it if they quit when the weight increases. We have to be willing to push through the challenges even if it hurts a bit at the time because that’s the only way we will be able to accomplish more. Never give up. If you keep going, no matter how hard, you’ll back at your life and know it was all worth it.