The past few days I’ve been staying up late with my husband (til at least 3am) and sleeping in til almost noon minus the hour or so I’m up getting the kids off to school. On one hand it kind of makes me feel like a slacker because I haven’t been taking my walks (no one was showing up anyway) and I’ve gone a couple of days without doing my ChaLEAN Extreme workouts. But it’s been great spending quality time with my husband. I know I need to get back into the habit of walking and working out (if you don’t use it, you lose it…and gain some weight back), but I’m seriously thinking about changing the times I do everything.

I may have the opportunity to start some Fit Clubs in area community centers as part of my fitness coaching business and the evening is probably the best time for that anyway so I’m seeing a shift coming. And hopefully if I change the walks to later in the day more people will come. At this point I’m not sure if no one is coming because they’re not interested at all or because 8:15 is just too early.  I guess we’ll find out.

Oh, and I’ve been taking a break from my food journal (maybe not the best idea, but it is what it is) because it was kind of driving me crazy to pay such close attention to what I was eating. I realize that not paying close attention has, in a big way, gotten me into this situation of needing to lose a lot of weight so I’m probably going to have to just suck it up and do it anyway. Once I’ve come to terms with this fully I’ll start posting the journal again.