Yeah, I broke down and went shopping, but not until the evening so at the kids’ request we stopped at Taco Bell on the way home from their karate lesson.

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology made with 8oz water, 4 oz 1% organic milk, a little raspberry flavoring and ice

AM Snack – P90X Chocolate Fudge protein bar

Post-workout/lunch – wasn’t hungry at all around lunchtime – 1 scoop Results & Recovery Drink

PM Snack – 1 1/2c leftover fettucini, 1/2c Prego Heart Smart Traditional sauce

Dinner – 2 1/2 Taco Bell bean burritos and about 16 chocolate covered pretzels

Laaaaate snack/drink – had some very strong coffee so I could stay up and help my husband with a project that he was working on – ended up going to bed at 4am

Total calories – 2172, Protein – 102 grams, Carbs – 324, Fat – 56 grams, Fiber – 47 grams

Protein 19%, Carbs 58%, Fat 23%

Total calories burned – 2875, deficit of 703