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Every once in a while something happens that causes us to take notice and reminds us that we could be paying a little closer attention to what’s happening in our lives and to the people around us. Sometimes a reality check comes unexpectedly like the reminder I got that I’m not as young as I think I am when I popped my knee, not working out, but shifting on the couch. It hurt so much I had to put my head between my knees because I was starting to pass out. Sometimes we know those reminders are out there, but we avoid thinking about them like the scale sitting there waiting to let us know where (or how heavily) we stand. And there are some reality checks we purposely set up to make sure we’re headed in the right direction like a list of goals we want to achieve.

As I walked with a friend and we talked about this and that, she said that there are people who, when they see her, cross to the other side of the street or pull their children closer or clutch their purses a little tighter…even though she herself is walking along with her own children. Not only have I never experienced anything like that, but because it’s not part of my reality it hadn’t occurred to me that that kind of thing still goes on regularly. I realized that it’s too easy to live in our own little bubbles, not paying attention to what’s really going on around us. It’s so easy to go about our comfortable lives and never see the injustices and tragedies happening around us. Maybe that seems a bit melodramatic, but only because many of us are fortunate enough to have never experienced prejudice, poverty or violence firsthand.

Watching the news isn’t the same as seeing the world up-close and personal. Growing up, I’d seen footage of starving children on TV and always felt sorry for them, but it wasn’t until I had the privilege of going to Africa on a mission trip and interacting with children just like I’d seen on TV that it really hit home. We may not all be able to go to another country, but it’s not necessary. There are people suffering in one way or another right around us. We just have to pay attention. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with people who need our help. And please, while it does take money to help people, just giving a donation here and there is not the same as getting involved.

Making a difference could mean volunteering at a homeless or women’s shelter, or at a school (don’t even get me started on the subject of our school system), or at a food bank. Another option is to adopt a “grandparent” at a local nursing home or retirement center. Or adopt a soldier overseas who doesn’t have anyone supporting them. Or it could be as simple as deciding to smile at every person you come in contact with each day. You never know, you could be the only one who showed kindness to one of those people you encountered and what a difference that would make.

This was a prime example of what happens when one doesn’t plan ahead. We were pretty much out of everything that could be put together to make an actual meal so I ended up eating this and that, just using up the odds and ends that were left from packages that include odd numbers of things.

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology made with 8oz water, 4oz 1% organic skim milk, 2 ice cubes, a little cinnamon and coconut extract (At least that’s always easy and the healthiest thing I consume all day no matter what else I eat.)

AM Snack – Didn’t have one because I slept in and didn’t have breakfast until 10:00am

Lunch – 16 black olives (the rest of the can left over from the tuna salad the other day), 1 Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dog, 1/2Tbs Simply Heinz ketchup, 3/4c frozen peas, just heated through, 1 Trader Joe’s jalapeno chicken sausage, 3Tbs salsa, 1oz corn chips, 2Tbs guacamole (I know, pretty random)

PM Snack – P90X Cafe Mocha protein bar

Dinner – I managed to figure out a “meal” for the family: fish sticks, yams and salad. However, after the fish sticks were already in the oven my husband decided he wanted to order pizza. I wasn’t going to eat either, but ended up giving in and eating both. Ugh. I was going to go grocery shopping, but it didn’t happen. Reality check…need to spend more time getting the food situation organized or I’m not going to be making the progress I could be.

Didn’t count the fish sticks or pizza slices, but I know I ate at least 2400 calories and burned 2371 so it’s somewhere around a wash, but don’t know for sure. My meal planner is great, but only if I actually have the right food in the house. I did notice, however, that my arms are starting to show some serious definition from doing ChaLEAN Extreme which made me really happy. 🙂

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