The kids insisted on having plain chocolate shakes for breakfast so I decided to pour theirs out of the blender and then added some more ingredients to mine. 🙂

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology made with 8oz water, 4oz 1% organic milk, 1/2tsp instant coffee granules (not big coffee drinkers here so we just keep it on hand for the odd occasion someone wants some), a little sugar-free caramel syrup, a few drops of rum extract and a couple of ice cubes – it was tasty

AM Snack – 1/2 P90X Chocolate Fudge protein bar (the other half went to my son as a pre-game snack)

Lunch – took this from my meal planner – 1 can chunk white tuna, drained, 5 black olives, chopped, 1 roma tomato, diced, 1/2 English cucumber, diced, 2c Romaine, 1tsp olive oil, 1Tbs balsamic vinegar, 1oz feta cheese, crumbled, salt and pepper

Then, to finish off the meal with something sweet I made a glass of Stash Lemon Ginger iced tea with Truvia

PM Snack – 2 large celery stalks, 1/4c hummus

Dinner – It was late when my other son’s game got done and even though we recently watched Super Size Me and I don’t normally eat much beef anyway, the 2 Famous Stars with Cheese for $4 deal sucked me in. I did, however, order mine without the cheese which helped a bit. Probably should’ve also told them to skip the mayo since you never really know exactly how much you’re getting.

Dessert – 6 mini Peppermint Patties and now the box is empty. I won’t be buying more anytime soon.

Not sure on the total calories because eating out is tricky since you don’t know if they used the exact amount that’s intended on the nutrition info. Total calories burned – 2567.