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Since I pretty much always know what I’m having for breakfast and my AM snack (which is fine by me – can’t imagine being without my Shakeology in the morning), I went to my online meal planner for lunch ideas. The suggested dish was a chicken bruscetta salad wrap made with a low-carb tortilla which I didn’t have. I did, however, have some extra-thin corn tortillas so I improvised and made it more Mexican than Italian. Later, I told my older son I’d take him out to eat while his brother was attending a birthday party. We ended up at a burrito place so I had Mexican again (not really a problem, I love it) and ate basically the same stuff that was on the haystacks in a different form. Oh well.

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology made with 8oz almond milk, 4oz water

AM Snack – P90X Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar

Lunch – 2 extra-thin corn tortillas, 4oz shredded chicken breast tenders with taco seasoning, 1oz shredded cheese – Mexican blend, 1/4c salsa

The photo only shows one because I ate the first one while the second tortilla was heating in the pan that was too small to hold two. I also had a “slice” of bread with cranberry orange spread.

PM Snack – 1 banana

Dinner – Veggie wet burrito

Dessert – small raspberry/chocolate swirl sugar-free soft serve

Don’t know how many calories I consumed, but I burned 3149.

There’s more to being fit than just a number on a scale. I think most of us who are trying to lose weight are doing it so our clothes fit better (or we need new ones altogether). Taking measurements is SO important because there are so many factors involved when it comes to weight. It’s normal to fluctuate up and down so if step on the scale you could be seeing a number on an “up” day and get discouraged. Also, muscle weighs more than fat so if you’re doing a program that increases your muscle mass you may not see a loss for a while. However, muscle cells burn energy (calories) 9x faster than fat cells do so having more muscle is a very good thing! It’s also good to remember that when starting a strength training  program, like ChaLEAN Extreme, it’s possible to see a gain because the muscles hold onto more water when they’re not used to being worked. This can last for up to two weeks. After that, an overall lack of weight loss means it’s time to look at what you’re eating. So, on to my results after completing the Burn Phase…

A loss of 3 1/2in off my waist – YAY!!! This is the one area that I struggle with the most.

A loss of 2in off my hips – 😀

A loss of 2 1/2in off my chest – just fine with me!

A loss of 1in off my abductors (saddle bag area) on each leg – SWEET!!

Measurements on my upper arms and thighs stayed the same, BUT they look totally different (in a good way) than when I started.

Net loss of 2.2lbs which can certainly be accounted for in my food journal with plenty of days where I broke even.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my results from the first 30 days  and can’t wait to see myself at 60!! If you want to see what kind of amazing results you can get with ChaLEAN Extreme connect with me on facebook to order through my Beachbody coaching site (the link is on the Info page) and I’ll help you every step of the way as your coach. 🙂