I looked at the list before starting this one. One particular move caught my attention…Single-Leg Sumo Squats. I was scared. Turns out I didn’t need to be, but it is the most effective move I’ve ever done for targeting the inner thigh…WOW!

Sumo Squat – 25lbs/8 reps

Single-Arm Row – 25lbs/8 reps

Chest Fly – 17.5lbs/8 reps

Bowler Lunge (single best outer thigh/hip move) – 25lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme

Double-Arm Bent-Over Row – 25lbs/6 reps + 3 extreme

Bench Press – 25lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme

Single-Leg Sumo Squat – 20lbs/8 reps + 3 extreme

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row – 20lbs/6 reps + 3 extreme

Long-Arm Pullover (love this one!) – 20lbs/6 reps + 3 extreme

For those not familiar with this program, weight amounts are for each hand with the exception of the long-arm pullover. So for, say, the bench press it’s like doing 50lbs if you were at a gym on a machine or 35lbs for the chest fly. 🙂