I was up last night helping my husband grade papers (don’t even get me started on how our school system is completely failing our kids) and there was a plate of hot wings which I made for my husband within arm’s reach. I wasn’t even tempted until about 1:30am when he left me alone with the two he left behind. By that time my thirst had been quenched and my food digested. I was HUNGRY. But, instead of chowing down on those wings I went to bed. Yay! I feel like I took a giant baby step back toward being myself again.

Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeology made with 8oz water and 4oz Trader Joe’s Organic Vanana (that’s vanilla and banana flavor) yogurt because we were out of milk

AM Snack – P90X Mocha Cafe protein bar

Post Workout – 1 scoop P90X Results & Recovery Formula

Lunch eaten on the run – 2 slices whole grain white bread, 6 extra thin slices turkey, a little mustard

PM Snack which was more like a grazing fest since I was still really hungry after a pathetic lunch and we were out of all fruits and veggies – some of the leftover brownie from the day before, 1/4c hummus, 2oz corn chips, a few multigrain pretzel sticks, 1 Weight Watcher’s Swiss cheese wedge

Dinner that was really late because I went grocery shopping at 6:30 – some of the French bread loaf I bought at the store “for the family”, the leftover yakisoba noodles and veggies, about 17 turkey pepperoni slices ( I was just eating whatever while putting the groceries away)

Dessert – about 3/4c rainbow sherbet that I also bought “for the family”

If my estimates were correct, then I ended up with a deficit of about 150 calories. Whoo hoo!! LOL Things will be better now. I actually bought a bunch of healthy groceries and the French bread is gone.