Sumo Squat with Hip Lift – 25lbs/12 reps (heavier, same reps)

Lunge with Posterior Fly – 15lbs/12 reps (same weight, more reps)

Push-Up with Leg Lift – 10 on knees (more reps)

Dead Lift with Posterior Fly – 10lbs/12 reps (same weight, same reps)

Lunge with Core Rotation – 25lbs/12 reps (same weight, same reps)

Bench Press nd Leg Lower – 15lbs/12 reps/10 leg lowers (less weight, more reps) Oops, didn’t check sheet for last week’s weight and went too light.

Squat with Side Bend – 25lbs/10 reps + 3 extreme (heavier, fewer reps)

Forward-Lean Lunge with DBL Arm Post Fly – 10lbs/12 reps + 3 extreme (same weight, same reps)

Chest Fly with Hip Lift – 15lbs/12 reps + 3 extreme (same weight, same reps)

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