If you read my About page you know I started my life a happy and healthy little girl even though I don’t actually remember those times. The proof is in the pictures. The one on the right was taken in front of the house I grew up in after my parents divorced when I was around 4. Some of the rocks on the top of the wall were loose and when I got a little older I loved lifting them to find huge colonies of rolly pollies, those bugs that roll up into balls when you bother them. 

The photo on the left was from a trip we took to Florida. No, that’s not a real alligator. ; ) You didn’t really come here to see the cute stuff, though, did you? I promised embarrassing photos so let’s move on. From my About page, you may be wondering, “How bad could it have really been?” I’ll show you.


Christmas morning was always a time for taking pictures. On the left, I’m next to my dad who’s wearing his Christmas pants. After he passed away, his wife made “Eddie” bears out of the pants and gave them to all of his kids. I love that bear.  On the right, another Christmas morning, same place. As you can see I’ve not only gained some extra pounds, but some super cool glasses, too. Oh yeah. But wait, there’s more!



What girl wouldn’t love a fur coat and awesome hat? Don’t worry, it’s fake. Not quite sure what I’ve got in my hand, but it seems to be some sort of raccoon(?) purse(?). Wish I could say I didn’t choose my hair style or my clothes, but I’m fairly certain I chose that coat. Once I was given some say in my hair style and the permission to use makeup, this is what I did to myself. Not much of an improvement. LOL! I suppose we all have embarrassing pictures from years gone by.

The point is that no matter what or where we came from, we can transform our lives into something beautiful. Pain and humiliation can make us stronger and give us the ability to be compassionate toward others. If we take the time to look around we can always find someone who needs our kindness. Regardless of how we look on the outside, we are all basically the same. We all need love, respect and understanding. Before we jump to conclusions about another person based on their outward appearance or behavior, we should ask ourselves if we understand why they are who they are. If we see how a person got to be the way they are then we can know how best to help them find some happiness. Sure, it takes time to get to know a person before jumping to conclusions about them, but it’s well worth the effort. If there hadn’t been people out there who took the time to get to know the real me there’s no telling where or even if I’d be right now.